week 1 in pictures

Before beginning our first week of volunteering, we celebrated the end of two weeks of orientation with snoballs – a favorite summer-time treat in New Orleans!
All of the NOLA YAV ladies!
Every Wednesday, Jess and I will be making lunch for the neighbors using produce grown in the garden. This Wednesday lunch is called Grace & Greens. This week, we made red beans, rice, green beans, sausage, fried okra, and fruit pizza!
I’m not only learning HOW to garden, but also WHY we do what we do with each plant. Here, I strung the cucumber plants so that they have more access to air, don’t get tangled together, and so that we can find the fruit more easily.
So. Much. Eggplant. Thursday morning, I spent picking tons of eggplant that we bagged and delivered to home-bound neighbors. (These deliveries are known as Peas & Love!)
Friday, I spent much of my day clearing out beds to make room for new fall produce!
Finished my work week with some painting. 🙂
Exploring Frenchmen Street!!
Sunset picnic on Lake Pontchartrain!
Love getting to know these ladies!
Visited St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian this morning. I’m so thankful for the way they support the YAV Program and the Okra Abbey!
Lastly…. we found Beyonce & Jay Z’s New Orleans house!!!

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